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Tour routes

«North War images»

Route: Ivangorod – Kampergolm island - Ivangorod

Name: «North War images»
Assumed duration of the route: 3 hours.
Time on water: about 30 minutes to one side

The route is based on real historical events that took place on the banks of the Narova in the beginning of the XVIII century, and became significant for the development of Russia: battle for Narva in 1700 finished in Russian army defeat and a victory battle in 1704 that fastened the outlet of Russian into the Baltic Sea. Kampergolm Island – a destination of the route - was a location of supreme headquaters of the Russian army in 1700, and a direct participant of that far events; today it is a place of memory to the soldiers died in those battles.

All water routes that start in Ivangorod including “North war images” allow to admire a brilliant view of the unique ensemble of two adversarial fortresses.

The advantage of the water route along the Narova as along the border river is in the opportunity to view simultaneously the beauty of both banks, to tell about the lives of the cities situated so closely to each other and nevertheless in different countries, to go along the border of the two countries that exists and not.

Nowadays the routes that have some entertainment actions in which tourists can participate are relevant among them. We offer to use the opportunities of Kampergolm Island for the organization of such actions, games. Feeding of tourists should also be organized on the island.

The route “North war images” is oriented to group one-day tourists coming to Ivangorod with an excursion. The route includes visiting Ivangorod fortress, review excursion around the city, water trip on the Narova with an excursion, dinner on Kampergolm, entertainment program.

Time in Ivangorod is around 4 hours, total duration of the route for tjurists from Saint-Petersburg is about 13-14 hours including way time.

The present route can be combined depending on the occupancy of ship, e.g. tourists can be brought to the island by ship and taken away by bus or on the contrary.
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