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«White nights on Narva gulf»

Route: Ivangorod – Gulf of Finland – center «Rosson» - Ivangorod

Name: «White nights on Narva gulf»
Duration of the route on water is 3 hours.

We offer to put this water route down into tourist’s route otherwise difficulties with its market offer can emerge. Target group to which the route is oriented is individual tourists living in Saint-Petersburg, traveling in small groups (family, friends etc).

The route starts in Saint-Petersburg. On the way to Ivangorod come to Koporie and Kingisepp, where excursion programs besides line excursion are organized. In Ivangorod they have dinner, visit fortress, Parusinka, Narva waterfall, Cathedral of Saint Trinity, a museum of the fortresses of north-west of Russia.

In the evening about 21 – water part of the route during which there is supper. During summer period it’s quite light at this time and all the beauties of the shores are seen and when enter the Gulf of Finland it’s possible to see the setting sun. The walk along the shoreline of Narva gulf finishes according to the wish of the group or in the center “Rosson” or in Ivangorod. The second day can be devoted to rest, it’ll be especially convenient in the center where there is an opportunity for silent walks in the forest or boating along the route offered lower. At 17-18 – a return to Saint-Petersburg
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