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On the 15-16th of August a regular meeting of partners on the project “Development of the River Narva water tourist routes and integration into the Baltic Sea small harbours network” («Narva River Water Routes») which aim was to sum up the results on implemented actions as from Estonian as from Russian part and planning of the following actions as well was conducted.

In partners’ work meeting 11 participants from Estonian part and 6 participants, including members of Managing committee, from Russian part took part. First half of the meeting was devoted to sizing up of current reporting period actions. As project manager Nadezhda Petrova reported, almost all planed actions were being implemented according to the schedule. By this time a technical research of possible navigation on the Narova in the section Narva- Narva-Jõesuu has been conducted, economical analysis of development of navigable tourism on the Narva river has been made, an advertising set for tourists has been worked out, structure and content of advertising pamphlet has been determined and the tender on the choice of a company for project website development has been organized. “However the announcement of united tender on the routes development and conducting navigable researches on the route hasn’t justified hopes.” - Nadezhda Petrova reports. “Both these actions refer to different areas and none of the companies to whom the conditions of participation in tender had been sent didn’t agree to implement the actions in two absolutely different areas. Because of this the partners were obliged to announce the tender frustrated and to develop new requirements specification for the announcement of separate tenders on the development of routes and navigable researches.”

For the next reporting period (since the 1st of September till the 31st of December, 2007) a number of actions concerning tourist’s routes development from both Estonian and Russian part, including an active preparation of advertising and information materials on the workable routes, is planned.

On the 16th of August 2007 Russian partners organized a familiarization trip from the harbour in Ivangorod along the Narva and the Rosson to the child health center with the aim to get acquainted to present tourism and infrastructure objects and the opportunities for water tourism development.

On the whole the members of Managing committee estimated project actions positively, however (recommended to spread the information about the project actions and to keep the terms of planned actions) they pointed out the information about the project actions should be spread wider and the terms of planned actions should be kept.

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