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Small port in Luzhskaya bay of the Gulf of Finland

Location: Luzhskaya bay of Finland Gulf is in Ust-Luga village in 4 km from the mouth of the Luga.

Territory area is 8,8 hectare, the length of a coastline is 530 meters, the depth of area of water part is from 3-3,5 meters to 5 meters, the depth of approach channels near the berth is 5 meters.

Basic functions: At the present time the port accepts the ships of “river-sea” kind, fishing ships, marine inspectorate ships, ships of Federal border services, ships of hydrographic services, promenade yachts and launches. The port provides the following services: drinking water, power supply, spares selling, waste gathering, information on navigable situation, yachts keeping in winter, customs and border control (the post is situated in the distance of 1 000 meters). If necessary it is possible to organize a retailment, hotels, a restaurant or a café, bath\shower, toilet.

Description: The port is situated within the precincts of Ust-Luga village. It is 2 km from it to the railway station Ust-luga., 36 km to Kingisepp on the road P60, to Saint-Petersburg by the road A121 – 120 km. Port’s mooring construction is a pier at the note 2,2 km, the length is 33 meters, width is 6,5 meters. It moves forward 34 meters of the area of water of the river. There is an inclined slipway with the tonnage up to 400 tons. It allows to accept yachts and launches with the length up to 30 meters.
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