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On water behavior rules

Rivers, lakes, wells and others are a high danger for a person.

1. Before going to bathe, explore the bottom. It can save you from many problems.
2. Don’t be too self-confident.
3. If you got into a Whirlpool, don’t panic! Breathe in a lot of air, sink into water as deeply as possible and abruptly swim away from a whirlpool.
4. Don’t swim in cold water for a long time.

Several rules for lovers of rowing in promenade boats:
1. it’s dangerous to overload the boat beyond the settled standards.
2. To change your seats or sit aboard the boat.
3. To bathe or dive from the boat.
4. To sail among dams and in the middle of a fairway of a river.
5. To stop the boat under the bridge or near it

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