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News release of meeting of project partners Narva River Water Routes


On the 3 of December in Ivangorod a meeting of international project NarvaRiverWaterRoutes partners was held. In the meeting representatives of the administration of MF “Ivangorod city”, administration of MF “Kingisepp municipal district”, municipal fund “the Center of sustainable development”, Narva city council and Leningrad regional state establishment “Informational-tourists center” took part. We remind that the project «Narva River Water Routes»is directed at studying the opportunities of the development of water tourism on the Narva and was approved by Managing committee of the Neighborhood program INTERREG III B region of Baltic sea INTERREG IIIA North priority.

This time the project members were discussing a report for the first stage of work of LRSE “Informational – tourists center” that had won the trend on the development of water tourist’s routes in the section: Ivangorod (the Narova river) – the Rosson river (child sanitary center) – lake Silent.

Having asked tourist’s componies working in the area of water tourism, target groups, having studied the legislature on this question, having collected statistical information on the project subject of official sources, LRSE “Informational – tourists center” conducted a marketing research in some way, that allowed to make a relevant shear of the situation and became the base for the development of 5 possible routes:
  • «North War images» (Ivangorod- Kampergolm – Ivangorod)
  • “Water bus” (Ivangorod – center «Rosson» - Ivangorod)
  • «Marquise’s puddle » (Ivangorod – The Gulf of Finland – Ivangorod»)
  • «White nights on the Gulf of Finland» (Ivangorod – The Gulf of Finland – center «Rosson»)
  • center «Rosson» - lake Silent
Researches of LRSE “Informational – tourist’s center” proved that at the present time there are many factors that assist the development of water tourism:

Local authorities are interested in the development of water tourism, the presence of the developed transport infrastructure, the presence of the structures that are responsible for the development of tourism on the territory, the variety of the landscape and natural resources that are good for the organization of the rest (river, sandy beaches, sea, and forest). However there are not less factors that can potentially restrain the realization of conceived, but that have to be taken into consideration at the present work stage for choosing right movement forwards. It includes the absence of port infrastructure, navigable situation data, comfortable tourist’s ship for tourists, a special regime of outlet into the river and uncomfortable stops and berths.

The meeting was held in the atmosphere that was appropriate for the discussion, that’s why during the whole time the project members could say their commentaries and suggestions, that allowed to agree upon all controversial points and determine future plans.

At the end of December 2007 LRSE “Informational – tourists center” will present technical-economic substantiation of a complex route on the Narova, the Rosson rivers with coming into the lake Silent.

Information expert Olga Seliverstova
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