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«Progressive nostalgia»


On the 25th of October 2007 in Narva, Estonian Republic, a regular work meeting of partners of the project «NarvaRiverWaterRoutes», financed by the European community was held. In the meeting representatives of the administration of MF “Ivangorod city”, municipal fund “the Center of sustainable development”, Narva museum and, of course, the main participant of the meeting was Oliver Loode, the consultant of Consumetric company, his report took most meeting’s time. We remind that Consumetric company has won the tender on the development of water tourist’s routes coastwise of the Narva on Estonian side.

At this stage of the project the result of the compony’s actions is the development of five tourist’s routes.
  • Narva silhouettes (a kick-off excursion)
  • Narva-Jysuu Express (water communication between Narva and Narva-Jysuu; there)
  • Narva-Jysuu Cruise (water communication between Narva and Narva-Jysuu; there and back)
  • A cruise of the Gulf of Narva (a long water excursion along the Narova with going out into the Gulf of Finland that allows to admire the beauty of the nature)
  • Robinsonship (water communication before the Maliy island that includes an entertainment program on its territory)
All the routes, from participants’ point of view, are very attractive and can be realized in future. However, there is a definite task standing before the stuff – to choose those routes that can be really suggested to tourist’s groups, taking into consideration economic, historical and social-cultural features of the region. It turns out not to be so easy to make the choice in favour of one definite route.

To solve this problem it’s important to know people’s opinion on this question. For this purpose Consumetric company has conducted a survey having divided all the respondents into 3 groups:
  • Narva citizens
  • Representatives of companies and organizations that provide tourism service in Narva.
  • Representatives of companies and organizations that provide tourism service in Tallinn.
The survey showed that the respondents of the first group gave the highest estimation to the route Narva-Jysuu Express. It is explained in the following way: many Narva citizens still remember the time when it was possible to get to Narva-Jyssuu very rapidly by water bus, to spend time on the beach and leave for home admiring during the whole trip with fantastic views of Narva coastline. A nostalgia on the past… however even today it’s possible to have a hope that good old traditions of travelling by water will return to our region. All this can be possible gratefully to a hard work of the participants of the international project «NarvaRiverWaterRoutes» and not indifferent attitude to the project of our citizens.

But the respondents from the second and the third groups, i.g. representatives of tourist’s companies, are mostly interested in the development of cruise routes that mean a long comfortable travelling by water that includes the organization of kick-off excursions, making different actions for various target groups on a ship, providing the service of exit restaurant and many others.

It’s too early to talk about the routes that will be realized. For it it’s important to make an analysis of capital budgeting of the given tourist’s product that will be done by Consumetric company at the following stage of their actions on the project. We wish it a good work and professional success!

All mentioned above refers to the life on Estonian side. Undoubtedly the citizens of Ivangorod and Kingisepp are interested in the actions on Russian side.

We inform that at the present time analogous actions are being conducted. A company that has on the tender, will present its material to Russian partners in the beginning of November in 2007. The routes will be along the Narova with coming into the Rosson river and lake Silent. We will wait for this partners’ meeting the review of which will be published in one of the next issues.

Information expert Olga Seliverstova
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