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Information for fishmen

The structure of fish fauna of the Narova and the Rosson rivers is represented by 20 breeds of fish belonging to 7 families. Most numerous is carp family to which belong: a bream, silver bream, ide, tench, asp, crucian , roach, redeye and others.

Besides in tanks there is: a pike, grayling, perch, ruff, smelt, white-fish, pike perch, burbot and crawfish.

In the section of the river near Venekulia village a spawning area of the following fishes is siruated: a bream, pike, tench and other fito filling kinds of fish.

From the Gulf of Finland to the Narova Baltic salmon, bulltrout (is in the Red book of RF), lamprey and eel come and rise beyond the dam.

Tributaries of the Narova:
  • the Big Cheremukha – the length is 14 km.- live: umber, bream, pike, ide, perch, and roach.
  • the Tropogost river – the length is 7 km.- live: umber, bream, pike, ide, perch and roach.
  • the Kreushi river – the length is 9km.- live: umber, bream, pike, ide, perch and roach.
Aamateurish and sports fishing is regulated by the order of the North-West fishing water administration. Amateurish and sports fishing, catching other water animals and plants for private consumption is allowed to all the citizens gratis in all the wells with some exceptions.

Fishing in the Narova is allowed:
  • From Petrovskiy island to the base of Tralfleet (the Rosson mouth) fishing with a rod with fishing float – all-the-year-round
  • From Ivangorod jetty to the base of the plant “Pischevik” fishing with a rod with fishing float – from the 1st of December till the 1st of July.
Fishing and catching crayfish is forbidden:
  • in Lake Silent and a channel connecting it to the Rosson River and Lake Lipovskoe and in a channel connecting the lake with the Gulf of Finland, - since ice disintegration till the 30th of June;
  • in all regional rivers – fishing pikes - since ice disintegration till the 20th of May,
  • in the Gulf of Finland (including Narva gulf) – fishing pike perch – since the 20th of May till the 15th of June.
For ship fishing it is necessary to get an appropriate permit from border agency.
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