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Tour routes

«Listening to the creak of rowlocks»

Route: center «Rosson» - Silent lake – the center.

Name: «Listening to the creak of rowlocks or the calmer you go the more travel allowance is»

Route duration depends on the wish of a tourist. If there are enough boats in the center two- or three-days trips all along the Rosson can be offered.

The route is oriented to individual tourists who prefer to rest on water, like rowing and catamarans. It looks like a boat rent with the recommendation of good recreation spots on the river.

This calm rest will allow viewing rare birds that build its nests on the banks of the river, enjoying silence, admiring lilies in blossom, sunbathing on the beach near the gulf. Wonderful!

The route “Listening to the creak of rowlock….” Will be developed only in complex use of other suggested routes, in the presence of adults in the center.
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